Genesis 3:8a (NKJV)

“And they heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day,”

Have you ever had a best friend that you trusted but one day they did something to betray you? Maybe a brother, sister, or other family member hurt you so deeply with what they’ve done to you? What about a trusted coworker who says they have your back, but points a finger at you so they don’t get in trouble themselves?

There are many situations in life where something comes between two people that separates them from having the relationship they once had. If you took the time to really reflect you could come up with at least four or five really good scenarios that you have seen this happen in your life. This is when your trust in other people can be shaken as well.

Many times, the hurt can be like an open wound that never heals where you constantly travel a range of emotions from anger to loneliness. Every time you see their face or hear their voice, it is like nails being pulled across a chalk board causing you to cringe.

I have been that co-worker who gets called into the office and asked to defend myself against something I did not do. The look was priceless when I could show I wasn’t assigned to the area or even working that day. I was tempted many times to point fingers back or go to that person and confront them for what they had done.

I have had good friends who professed to be good Christians and walk out on their spouse and children to run off with another person. I have caught family members in a lie that they never would admit to and it changed the way we interacted after that. It would be hard for me to remember every situation over the years because most don’t come up until something reminds you what happened.

The bottom line is that in most cases these severe types of lies, hurt, or betrayal drives a wedge in between you and that person you were close to. Once a separation of this nature happens, the relationship rarely gets back to what it was, if at all. This is probably true with most of the situations that you found in your own life.

If you truly ever got back to where you started, it probably wasn’t easy and took some work. Far too often we end up resorting to excuses or playing the blame game. Usually, the hardest first step is forgiveness. It can be difficult for us to forgive someone else, but it can be even more challenging to ask someone to forgive us. Most times this just doesn’t happen, you have to plan the way back.

In the beginning man walked with God in the garden, with no embarrassment or separation. That was until man sinned to cause the relationship to change. Instead of their first reaction to be asking forgiveness, Adam and Eve pointed fingers to assign blame. It would have been too easy for God to just destroy man for the betrayal, but He loved His creation too much.

As the years went by, God attempted to reconcile with man, but instead man soon drew His anger in the form of a flood to wash away the sin of the world. Through Noah, Abraham, and Jacob, a new plan moved forward. With Moses we continued to learn about sacrifice for the atonement of our sins, but man was still rebellious.

For God’s chosen people, there were many highs with men of faith and many lows when the people continued to rebel, but through it all was God’s love. Soon the next step in God’s plan was foretold by three prophets during this tumultuous time. These predictions were heard, but not easily understood at the time about a coming Savior.

800 years before the upcoming event happened, Micah shared in 5:2, “But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, though you are little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of you shall come forth to Me the One to be Ruler in Israel, whose goings forth are from of old, from everlasting.” The small town of Bethlehem was where it would take place. (Mat. 2, Luke 2)

Hosea talks about two related events in 11:1, “When Israel was a child, I loved him, and out of Egypt I called My son.” Many thought he spoke of Moses bringing Israel out of Egypt, but it also refers to Mary and Joseph who were called out after Herod’s death. (Mat 2:14-15)

700 years before the birth a more telling and unbelievable prediction was put forth in Isaiah 7:14, “Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a Son, and shall call His name Immanuel.” (Luke 1:26) All these were part of a plan that would take place hundreds of years later. Talk about patience.

          As we know, this was still just the beginning of the overall plan to remove the separation between us. Our Savior may have been born that night, but would still have to lose His life for our sins to be forgiven. This leads to the question, what would you sacrifice to restore the relationship with a loved one?

          During this season of joy, join me in putting a plan in place to restore those relationships that were torn apart. Find the peace that forgiveness will bring to everyone involved. Let this be a time for rebirth for all of us as we celebrate the coming of our Savior and as you do, please enjoy, “Begin the Journey Back.”


I can still see every line of their face and remember all the fun,

Happy thoughts soon turn to heartache because of what they’ve done.

Angry words or callous deeds soon drive between a wedge,

Breaking apart that friendship or even a marriage pledge.

The feeling of betrayal brings deep pain that feels so real,

Leaving behind the scars or wounds that just won’t heal.

For all the times that brought such joy it’s a shame they fell apart,

Lord, how do I put back together the pieces of my heart?

My child, if you look back to the beginning and remember how it was,

I walked with man in the garden until a divide that sin did cause.

You can say it was like my heart was broken into a million pieces,

But I know we’ll be back together, fore my love for man never ceases.

So often in life with an obstacle a plan you should devise,

The way we forgive another or ask forgiveness we must revise.

Then remove the separation to regain what it is you lack,

That is why I came as a child to Begin the Journey Back.

Copyright 2021

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