Simple Faith Christian

My name is James and I have spent years on the journey to where I am today. I have always enjoyed spending time with my family whether it is at home playing games or going different places together. I especially like being outdoors hiking, walking, visiting a lake, watching a sunrise, or a sunset at the beach.

Part of my journey was completing twenty years of military service and  working more than 26 years in Corrections before retiring. I have since been helping and serving others through my work and church. I still search for clarity of where God is leading me.

I had spent much of my time either chasing God or running from him. It was not till I began to listening to Christian music did my path finally change. One night of music and ministry changed me and my outlook on life forever. It was not until this point I was able to say with complete honesty that I was a Christian. My journey since has lead me to find that everything is simple and not as complicated as we tend to make it.

Below are a few simple questions that demonstrate what I mean:

Do you believe in Jesus Christ? Do you believe He died on the Cross to forgive your sins? Do you believe He rose again and ascended into Heaven? Do you believe He will come again to judge the world? Have you confessed your sins to God and asked for forgiveness? If you have, then you are a Christian. 

Enjoy my reflections and poetry on this site and feel free to respond because everything is open for discussion.