It starts today by moving forward with positive steps Close To your dreams and who you truly can be.


 Today begins another tomorrow for the list of things I have to do,

I think I crossed two things off but then added another few.

 I have spent too many yesterdays moving in slow motion,

Or finding I went backwards from the path that I have chosen.

 Regrets add to the excuses of why things were not done,

It is too easy to say I’m tired or just to find a place to run.

 Lord, the time I have just seems to be slipping through my fingers, 

Then as I close another day the sense of failure seems to linger.


 Child, you must first just lift your head and rise up to your feet,

Feel my strength course through your veins as this new day you meet.

You must want to change and choose a path that will let you win,

So take my hand and walk with me to Let Your Journey Begin.


                    But Lord,

All the mounting hardships are like mud on a slippery slope,

Then add in the worries and soon I feel that I just can’t cope.

 The rain starts coming down harder adding to the muck,

My feet are sinking deeper into the mire causing them to get stuck.

 It’s hard to get any traction when I’m living my life in retreat,

These are the times I want to give up and just lie down in defeat.

 I feel like I’m just running in place trying to find my way,

Release me from what’s holding me back and clear my path today.


Child, I have you protected from all that’s causing you dread,

See the sun beginning to peek out from dark clouds overhead.

 Now keep your eyes on the horizon and I will be your guide,

We will forge ahead together with me Walking By Your Side.



I can feel your presence and I know I can trust your path ahead,

But there are so many diversions that can sidetrack me instead.

I keep seeing the little shortcuts that I’ve tried to use before,

Just to make things easier they are almost too tempting to ignore.

They could get me farther even though there’s a little risk,

I do not see anyone watching so this is a way I could pick.


My child, you have been that way before and know where it could lead,

Even though your progress may be slow a quick fix is not what you need.

 Steady progress is what to strive for and now you must remain strong,

If you truly believe I am watching over you, then nothing will go wrong.

 My Spirit will help you stay focused while your confidence is increased,

As you accomplish the next part of your journey All Doubt Will Be Released.