Proverbs 3:5-6 (NKJV)

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.

           How often do you plan what you are doing? Are you like most people who have a daily calendar that is sometimes so full that you can’t remember your name? Have you ever taken the time to look at where you are and examine the possibilities of where you are going? Maybe life gives you no choices or you may not even be sure of what the best direction is?

          I never know when the words for a poem or commentary will be presented to me, I just have to be prepared to write them down when they do. It gets very interesting when the perfect line forms in my mind while I am in the middle of something I can’t stop like taking a shower or driving. At that moment I can’t just grab a pen and paper or even my phone to record the words. I spend a lot of time mumbling to myself the same words over and over till I can. Does this ever happen to you?

A few days after I finished a commentary, out of nowhere a statement came to mind. It was not like all the random thoughts that normally bounce around my head because it didn’t completely fade. It flashed through my mind then it was gone, but the exact words kept rising back to the surface. As I said this was not normal because even if I can see the next part of what I am writing clearly, I must quickly write the words down or repeat it before that perfect combination slips away.

After two days of hearing these exact same words I was finally in a place where I could write them down. “If I altered the path that got me here, I may not be on the path that got here.” Then I sat back and actually read the words out loud. This made me begin to look at how I got to where I am. I have done this before, but I quickly realized that each time is different because we are never in the same place with the same choices.

The second half of the statement soon turned into a question that read, “If I altered the path that got me here, would I still be on the path that got here?” So take a minute and look at the question for yourself. What did you come up with? I recently took the time to talk to God about everything I was thankful for, but this was different. I was being asked to look at the bad as well as the good.

It took me on an interesting journey as I relived some of the decisions I made and events I endured over my lifetime. All the little things that I did or didn’t do that led me to this place and shaped the person I had become. As this rush of thoughts and emotions increased, I turned back toward the future to find more questions than answers about what may be ahead.

I have learned to trust God, but that doesn’t mean that I have clarity every moment of every day. Sometimes it is very difficult to see the path that He has for me and I was being faced with plenty of decisions that dealt with the direction of both my personal and spiritual life. So as I continued to ponder the question I was presented with three more statements to consider that helped me dig even a little deeper.

The first was, “It’s not your path for you, it’s His path for us.” I could see that all too often I worry more about what I feel I should be doing, rather than seeking God’s direction and guidance. There were even times over the years when I would do what others wanted or just follow the crowd. It’s amazing how easily we can let ourselves fall into this trap.  

I have also done this over the years with what I am led to write. I will be presented with a subject, but I try to force the words that are coming. I once spent three days trying to write a poem, but only made it to the fifth couplet feeling more confused than enlightened. After I took a breath and prayed, I was led to write a completely different poem that was finished in two hours. His path, not mine!

The other two came together, “We may be joined by others or stand alone” and “What one starts others may finish.” This reminded me that at different times I may be called upon to complete tasks in different ways. On part of His path I could join others who were glorifying His name in the things that they do. How many times have you volunteered or learned how to become more involved with other groups and organizations at church or where you work?  

This was also a reminder that some projects may be started by someone who could not continue or is no longer with us. This definitely has meaning for me because my church just endured a loss of one of our leaders who was always pushing to reach more for the Kingdom. I have no doubt that we will carry on his legacy and make him proud, but we have to keep our eyes open for opportunities to help finish or even further His work. Have you ever had this happen?

I am also familiar with standing alone on another part of His path. I enter a shadow filled world every day I go to work and I may be His only light that is shining for others to see. This doesn’t just have to be at work, but can describe some family situations or any number of places we find ourselves. These are the times I call upon His strength to remain steadfast while I listen for what He is whispering to me. Have you ever had to stand with only the Lord beside you?

As you can see the Lord has given me a lot to think about recently and I will continue to seek His guidance every day. I am excited to see what He may have for me around the next corner. So look off to the horizon and find His direction for you, then join me in faithfully following wherever He leads. Now enjoy the latest poem I was led to write, “I Will Trust You With All My Heart!”



 Lord, I stepped out into the open and could see no clear path in view,

There are so many different directions to go, but which way do I choose?

 I first turn to stare at the path behind me and see just how far I’ve come,

All those wrong choices and misguided steps that I had to recover from.

 There were bridges built and tests endured everywhere along my way,

Each one of these was so very important fore they shaped who I am today.

 Then I see all those who walked beside me, even the ones who are gone,

But I will keep them always in my heart and have them forever along.

 Now I look again into the distance, but before I make my choice, 

I fall on my knees to seek Your guidance and in prayer I raise my voice.

 As I feel Your Spirit descend around me and You take me by the hand,

I will let the fear I’m feeling fade and trust what You have planned.

 I must remain patient and be prepared to do whatever You may ask,

Whether it’s to lead an impassioned movement or complete a minor task.

 I may join those gathered in Your name to continue what another has begun,

Or be Your lone light amongst the shadows trying to reach another one.

 There will be times when my way is obscured with no clear direction in sight,

I must call on Your strength to remain steady and to always do what’s right.

 Lord, with an unwavering faith I will move forward ready to do my part,

 My belief in You is never stronger and I Will Trust You With All My Heart!


 Copyright 2018



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