Luke 2:7 (NKJV)

“And she brought forth her firstborn Son, and wrapped Him in swaddling clothes, and laid Him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.”

           It is Christmas Eve and the house is finally quiet with everyone lying down to go to sleep. It was a fun night with so many people in for the holiday and you were happy that there was enough room for everyone to stay over. As you put the last of the food back in the frig you hear a knock at the door. You have to take your time stepping over your sister’s kids sprawled out on the Living Room floor being careful to make it around her husband on the recliner.

When you open the front door you find a young man standing in the snow on the porch so you ask, “Can I help you?”

“You might not remember me, but I’m your cousin Joey. My wife and I came in to town to surprise my parents and I guess we should have called ahead because they went out of town so we have no place to stay.”

“Well there are two hotels over by the interstate and I think there are more up the highway a few miles.”

“We either called or tried them all but they are full.” Joey’s voice gets lower as he continues, “I don’t know what to do. My wife is pregnant and may give birth at any time. Can you please help us we have nowhere else to go?”

You know every bed, recliner, sofa, and piece of floor is filled so what do you do? Invite them in without hesitation or tell them you’re sorry but you have no room and turn them away? Since you’re so tight on space can you think of anything else? Maybe figure out a friend or another relative who has room and could help? Most of us would not just shut the door would we?

 This is the same situation that faced Mary and Joseph that faithful night in Bethlehem all those years ago and we know how that turned out. It doesn’t matter if you know the story as there was no room at the inn or in the guestroom of Joseph’s relatives home, the outcome was the same. The young mother carrying our Savior was not welcomed inside and they had to seek shelter in a stable.

It seems that we never really dwell on that fact because next we find the wisemen come to bring gifts. Then things begin to liven up when the shepherds stop by to offer their praises. It sounds like it turned into a real party with people running through the streets announcing the birth and rightly so. The Savior that had been foretold was born and came into the world to save us.

Do you think it would have made any difference if when Joseph knocked on the door he led with that fact? “Hey, you really should let us come in because my wife is giving birth to the Messiah” The sad truth is that it probably wouldn’t have changed anything and may have gotten him laughed at and the door shut even quicker. This was actually a demonstration of why Christ came into this world. To save us from ourselves.

God knew that the old ways were not working and this was the start of His new plan to lead His wayward children back to Him. If you look at how Christ lived His life then we could say that the circumstances surrounding His birth make perfect sense. This was a very humble beginning for someone who lived humbly. There were no flashing neon banners, royal entourage, or official proclamations announcing the event before it happened.

After our fall into sin, God spent years reaching out to His sons and daughters to bring them back to Himself, but it seems that at every opportunity we would slap His hand away. Floods, slavery, and destruction of cities were just some of the things that happened after mankind would stray and not heed the warning given to them.

When our brave young couple arrived in Bethlehem it was the first chance some had to accept God’s invitation to open the door for His Son. The truth is that even though they did not take His offer that night it was not taken off the table. But the reality is that it is Christ who stands ready to open the door for you.

During the Sermon on the Mount Jesus told us in Matthew 7:8 that “For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.” Many of us have accepted His invitation to walk through the door and sit at His table, but what about those who have not? As Christians we should be sharing this invitation from Christ with others.

This time of year actually makes it easier to open up the conversation, just ask someone to come to your church for its Christmas service. This is the perfect opportunity for them to hear of the gifts that God has given us with His son. Our church has highlighted John 3:16 in the children’s ministry the last few weeks.

If you think about it, it is the perfect lead in and reminder for us all. Most people no matter where they are in their walk with Christ know this verse. Quick, look away and see if you can say it before you read it. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” How did you do?

With so much going on this time of year we often forget the original reason we celebrate Christmas. God sent His Love to us in the form of His Son Jesus Christ as the first step in saving us from our sin. It is our choice what we want to do with this Love, open the door of our hearts and let Him in or shut it keeping Him out. Is your door open? I know mine is with a big ole sign above the door saying “Come On In.” Please also enjoy “Let the Savior Come In.”    


A decree went out that all should return to their home so they could be counted,

A woman with child was struggling, though on a donkey she was mounted.

When they finally made it to Bethlehem they found the streets were crowded,

They kept going door to door but soon finding a place to stay was doubted.

She cried that they could wait no longer it was time for the baby’s birth,

They had to seek shelter in a stable where our Savior entered the earth.

 After his birth he was laid in a manger and honored with gifts by kings,

Then came shepherds that received a message spread on angels’ wings.

Many came that night and sung praises on knees that were bent.

Fore the whole world would rejoice and celebrate this glorious event,

 But there are larger questions that still need to be answered from that night,

What does this all mean to us today how into a dark world entered the light?

 When our savior was searching on that eve for a warm place to stay,

Why did all those who had a chance just turn the Messiah away?

It was much like now as we busy ourselves to offer that excuse or reason,

We have a choice how we remember His birth during this Christmas season.

 Do we spend more time thinking of gifts and offer no praise or glory,

Then not open the door when He comes to us as those did in the story?

 So, unlike the Innkeepers long ago who did not have room for Him

Will you open up the door to your heart and Let the Savior Come In?


 Copyright 2018




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