Psalms 5:3 – “My voice You shall hear in the morning, O Lord;
In the morning I will direct it to You,”


          What do you hear and think about when you wake up? For some time now I wake up to the sounds of Christian music in my mind. Sure I have the alarm to a Christian radio station, but if I wake up at any time without my alarm, I still hear some of those same Christian songs in my mind.

          It wasn’t always like this. I’m not sure if I awoke to songs before, but I definitely do now since I enjoy listening to Christian radio stations during the day as much as I can. The positive energy and thoughts it bring as I wake up gets the day off to a good start.

           Because I hear this music, it makes it easier to begin my day thinking about God. A while ago I started Thanking God for another day and sometimes add other things if my human mind doesn’t redirect my thoughts to my job or family issues.

          It helps that over the past several months I have started almost every day with reading a devotional. This at least gets some positive energy flowing no matter what my day may bring. Several times I have had my devotion speaking about something I was going through at the time and was helpful in directing my path.

          There have also been several occasions where I woke up with vivid images or a definite message. The other morning was that way. I woke up to my alarm, but could still see the images of a dream I was having just moments before. In the dream I seemed to be moving items and pausing to look at something underneath. I can remember seeing Ps. 5:3 and the only reference I could think of was Psalms 5:3.

I rolled out of bed and went about my normal routine which is reading my devotional. That morning it was about talking to God when you first wake up, thanking Him, and to continuing to think about and talk to Him throughout the day.

          I was about halfway through when I realized that I was reading the same devotional as the day before. Since my devotional is not set up like some with a month and a day, after I read it I always move my bookmark to the next one. At the time I had no idea why I put the bookmark back into the same section.

          I continued reading it anyway and after I finished reading I went over to get my bible. I sat down and opened it to Psalms 5:3 to see if there was some significance to the image in my dream.

          Psalms 5:3 – “My voice You shall hear in the morning, O Lord;
In the morning I will direct it to You,”
 My immediate reaction was to look up and simply ask God, “Really?” My mind was sort of swirling with several thoughts I was trying to put in order, so I had to grab an index card to write the scripture I just read down.

          I pondered all the events as I got ready for work. Then I put the card in my pocket as I went out the door while I let my mind think about it from different angles. It was kind of fun talking to God about it as I drove to work and pausing to see if there would be any response as I tried to figure out if there was a deeper than the obvious meaning.

          Since I feel I have been led to share everything the Holy Spirit has had me write, it was fun sharing these events as well. I would start with the dream, go to the devotional, then ask, “Guess what he Bible said”? It was like a magic trick when I would pull out the index card and say, “Here, read it”.

          It was a great day sharing what happened with other Christians. Every time I felt the card in my pocket, it reminded me to talk to God even more. There was only a few times I felt negative thoughts creeping in, but I was just too upbeat for anything to get me down.

          I was thinking about it on the way home when some of the fragments started linking together. By the time I got home I had two sentences pretty much complete. After I parked I went into my house and wrote them down on the back of the index card. After dinner I got busy doing a few things around the house, so I didn’t really think about it again till I was going to bed.

          The next morning I started with my morning devotional as usual. Afterwards, the previous day came back to mind, so I went to find my index card on the counter. I sat there in the quiet reading both sides as I was looked out the window at the sunrise. I can remember thanking God for the beautiful colors that started to light of the sky.

          More words started coming together as I sat there speaking to God. Everything was still too fragmented as I got ready to drive my wife around to do a little shopping. I really wasn’t looking for much, so spent some time sitting in the van as I waited for her. It worked out perfectly so I could to spend more time just talking with God.

          The fragments soon turned into sentences and began to take on a little bit of a flow. By the time we returned home the Holy Spirit had walked me through about two thirds of another poem. Later in the day it was finished and all I could do was to keep thanking God as I read it again one final time before sharing it with my wife and son.

          I am still both humbled and amazed at the words I am being led to write, but I have mostly accepted that this is the gift that God has given me. My human mind still tries to twist an innocent thought into a negative feeling, but as these recent events have taught me is that I always feel better when I am speaking to God throughout my day.  

Soon I will be post my next poem “I will speak to you”

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