img_20160803_070748308Matthew 5:16

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven”.

           Have you ever had an idea, but no matter how hard you try things just don’t fall into place? How about spending hours planning or researching to watch it explode into a million disasters? How about when you are frustrated and getting nowhere, a totally different solution or idea presents itself?

          Over the years I have had too many of these situations to count or remember. Sometimes I felt like Murphy was my best friend. You know, Murphy’s Law. If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong. I’ve learned to adapt because of the military and being in emergency management. That’s where you plan for the worst and hope for the best.

          For a couple weeks now I was have this feeling that I was supposed to write something on a particular subject. However, the words just wouldn’t flow and I was having thoughts of trying to force it. I have learned that if I truly get lead by God and the Holy Spirit I complete writing a poem rather quickly.

          This time was different. I kept picking up on bits of scripture and conversations while ministering which were all pointing one direction. The difference was that that words just wouldn’t flow. One day I got a start, but the words quickly faded. I remembered not to push, because then it would be what I wanted the write, not what God’s lead me to.

          I put it aside and prayed for God to let me know when to finish it. I continued to read scripture on the subject and would contemplate the poem, but still nothing was coming into focus. The other day I got the feeling I was being prompted to write and I was so excited.

          When I woke up the next morning I went about my normal routine. I started by reading my morning devotion, then I read a few scriptures followed by a morning religious program. I didn’t have any words to the poem start falling into place yet, but I could feel things starting to connect.

          As I thought about the poem I realized that a different theme kept coming up throughout the morning. One of the scriptures I read was the one listed at the top of the page. I was supposed to let my light shine and glorify my Father in heaven. This reoccurring theme started there, it went through being an example to help people and showing how you help each other.  

          Connecting these patterns was exciting, but I was still focusing on the poem dealing with a journey one takes to the Father. I let them both rattle around in my head during the day, but I still did not know if today was the day to finish writing that poem. I even mentioned to a few people about the poem and also the pattern I noticed earlier in the day.

          After work I was excited to get home to see if today was the day. Some words were starting to connect a little, but nothing really stuck out. I had to take care of a few things, so I did not jump right into writing. I run my son to pick something up, so I did give it a try while I waited for him.

          It seemed like the more words that came together, the more they would quickly vanish before I could form them into an articulate thought. I was making a little progress, but it was like slogging through knee high mud. The harder I pushed, the more drained I was becoming.

          I pulled out my computer to write down the little I had put together. Then I read it over and over again to see if the flow would continue to the next sentences. After several minutes with no luck, I ended up staring at the page with my mind drifting.  

Since I really wasn’t getting anywhere fast, I decided to take a break and go for a walk. I put on some Christian music and off I went. I was about halfway through my walk when three words formed clearly in my mind, “Be the light”.

Those words even came with a chill running up my spine which made them even more poignant.

          With a smile on my face, I couldn’t help my first thought being, “Lord, now You’re just playing with me.” I continued my walk as words began to come slowly come together, but more in line with the new title not the old one. As I finished, I could see the first two lines of a new poem and quickly wrote them down on my phone. 

          After I stopped at a store I went home to see where this new trail would lead. It was an invigorating feeling to have my mind and hands being directed by a higher power. The words were still swirling around in my head, but this time they started dropping into rhyming sentences.

          As I came to the end, I read it one more time then Thanked God for guiding the words for me to write. Once again it was exciting to see this finished work which perfectly conveyed the new message I was lead to present. It was another example for me that letting God guide me can be much easier than fighting Him.

          I am delighted that the new poem is being well received by those who have read it and I will be sharing it next week.

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